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Gjallarhorn Development Update


Much progress has been made over the past year on the development of Gjallarhorn! What's left now is to implement further aspects of the story and continued work on map design. All major systems are basically complete. Including weapon skill growth for each of the 15 weapon types; each weapon has its own skill tree with traits that can be unlocked at certain thresholds. Fame and Karma system which span the whole empire, plus individual town reputations for each of the 5 towns. As a result, NPCs and shops will react differently based on these variables. The bounty board system, which lets the player work as a bounty hunter with many choice and consequence decisions. A day and night cycle with NPC schedules making the game world feel more realistic and alive. Thief quests which allow you to break into homes and shops at night if your thieving skills are high enough. Work on Gjallarhorn is progressing rapidly and on schedule for expected release next year. In the meantime if you haven't already done so, check out our current title, The Great Gaias available on Steam. …More »

The Great Gaias Update
New Content!

The Great Gaias, New Update!


Horizon's End is offering The Great Gaias for the lowest price ever in hopes to promote social distancing! What better way to spend your time alone than with a (100+) hour old school JRPG? Not only have we lowered our price, but we have also crafted some new features including difficulty levels and a reworking of Chapter I. We have spent the last few weeks on The Great Gaias to address a few issues that have been on our plate for a while, many of which were based on the feedback we've received from the community. We have taken the constructive criticism from our fan base into account and we hope that the new difficulty system and our AI balancing will help bring in new players to enjoy this epic tale! We haven't said much about Gjallarhorn, but rest assured, all the art and music has already been completed and we are in full production mode. It's moving along nicely, and we can't wait to show you what we have been working on! With the current situation, Horizon's End, would like to wish everyone good health and safety while we combat this global crisis. We hope that life will return to normal soon, as we were hoping to have our demo ready for PAX West, but in the meantime, please be safe, play The Great Gaias, enjoy the story... and remember, where the horizon ends, the journey begins! …More »

Osirian Empire Map
Gjallarhorn, now on Kickstarter

Gjallarhorn Kickstarter Project


Horizon's End would like to announce the Kickstarter campaign for our upcoming game, Codex Eternal: Gjallarhorn. Merging the Dungeons & Dragons experience into the modern JRPG genre, we hope to create a truly westernized fusion with Gjallarhorn. Crafted by the writers that brought you The Great Gaias, the continuing narrative will dive back into the lands of The Codex Eternal, expanding the lore and cultures of this decade long original campaign setting. A day and night cycle will fuel a new and improved crafting system in this choice and consequence adventure. Gjallarhorn will incorporate new features such as a taming mechanic, (16) job classes, monster abilities, rune crafting and much, much more. Become a funder today and help us craft the next great story! …More »

Osirian Empire Map
This is the next iteration in rpg gaming

Codex Eternal: Gjallarhorn


Horizon's End is proud to announce the next installment in the ever expanding world that birthed The Great Gaias, Codex Eternal. The next chapter of this epic is called Gjallarhorn, and it aims to create a completely subjective experience for the player, allowing for the choice of joining one of multiple factions, or fighting for yourself in this slave-to-champion turn based role-playing game. Originally created as a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Setting, this epic tale will continue the dark, yet engrossing stories within The Great Gaias. Gjallarhorn will expand on job class mechanics and a sandbox style crafting system that will provide a near infinite amount of customization between gear, class, abilities and allies. Trapped in the frigid lands of the Gorgath Mountains, you will create your own ill-fated character, destined to become a slave to the Osirian Empire. As you take on job classes and earn fervor with the slave master, an opportunity for freedom arises when the Gladiator Arena is reopened during an ancient rite of choosing a new High Chieftain. Five factions forming the Osirian Empire seek to see their Champion as the High Chieftain. Their unique views on the direction of the Empire leaves the fragile relationship of a newly unified nation in the hands of the player as the choices and allies you make will rock the very foundations of the leaderless country. Create your own custom character as you fight for your freedom, unlocking (16) job classes to learn and master as you build your hero to fit your personal playstyle. Craft customizable gear for (16) equipment slots with endless options and augments including gems, runestones, and monster abilities. A day and night cycle sets the tone for the expansive hunting and gathering systems in place within Gjallarhorn. It will be up to the player to fill their bestiary with valuable knowledge pertaining to fishing, poaching and monster habits in hopes to find all the best, and rarest, crafting components. The combinations are limitless when it comes to party composition as you find animal companions to tame and interesting mercenaries each with their own stories and goals for you to help (or hinder). With so many complex decisions and event changing choices, it is impossible to see everything the first (or third) time around as you choose which faction you wish to side with (or none at all). We will be announcing a crowd-based funding for additional features via Kickstarter, (Likely in November), to help bring more art, music and mechanics to the table. However, fear not, regardless of getting Kickstarter funding, this game will aim to be released in quarter one of 2020. We are eager to bring the next great story to you, and remember, where the horizon ends, the journey begins! …More »

The Great Gaias Sale
End of Summer Sale is On!

On Sale: The Great Gaias!


Our end of summer sale is on! For one week only, purchase The Great Gaias at a 34% discount! Available on Steam today! If you have yet to experience the immersive and addictive world of The Great Gaias, now is the perfect opportunity to see what all the hype is about. With a perfect recommended score on steam by those who have played the game, you will not be disappointed. But don't take our word for it, check out the reviews on steam and see what people are saying about The Great Gaias. If you haven't played by now, you are missing out.

The Great Gaias Wiki

The Great Gaias Official Wiki


The world of The Great Gaias is vast, spanning over a ten-thousand year timeline with hundreds of important characters and interesting places to explore. With so much to keep track of, it is in the best interest of the community to have a hub of information that can be available to everyone, but we need your help! We are pleased to announce that our friends at Gamepedia (Curse.com) have helped us by starting the official wiki for the Great Gaias! The wiki can be found here. The wiki will be open, and available to the public to add content and edit. Please feel free to populate it with data to share with the world! This is a call to arms, Warriors of Old. It is time to write your own epic tales of adventure in The Great Gaias. The Grand Historian would be proud. …More »