The Great Gaias Sale
End of Summer Sale is On!

Week Long Sale of The Great Gaias!


Our end of summer sale is on! For one week only, purchase The Great Gaias at a 34% discount! Available on Steam today! If you have yet to experience the immersive and addictive world of The Great Gaias, now is the perfect opportunity to see what all the hype is about. With a perfect recommended score on steam by those who have played the game, you will not be disappointed. But don't take our word for it, check out the reviews on steam and see what people are saying about The Great Gaias. If you haven't played by now, you are missing out.

The Great Gaias Wiki

The Great Gaias Official Wiki


The world of The Great Gaias is vast, spanning over a ten-thousand year timeline with hundreds of important characters and interesting places to explore. With so much to keep track of, it is in the best interest of the community to have a hub of information that can be available to everyone, but we need your help! We are pleased to announce that our friends at Gamepedia ( have helped us by starting the official wiki for the Great Gaias! The wiki can be found here. The wiki will be open, and available to the public to add content and edit. Please feel free to populate it with data to share with the world! This is a call to arms, Warriors of Old. It is time to write your own epic tales of adventure in The Great Gaias. The Grand Historian would be proud. …More »

Tenat World Map
World Map Signed by Developers

Who will be First to Defeat the Emperor?


I have seen 150, 160 and even 181 hours on people's play times! Now the race is on! Who will be the first to defeat the Dark Emperor? Who will be the first to unlock the Perfect Ending? Post your achievement or screenshot for The Eternal Sentinel on our steam community hub or our facebook page and we will send out a signed vinyl copy of our world map that the wonderful Pathfinder Map Folio artist, Jared Blando, has made for us! We will also choose one runner up at random during the month of July! Good luck, Children of Light! (The Eternal Sentinel is unlocked after completing the 'Perfect Ending') …More »

I knew you would come
The Great Gaias Comes Early!

The Great Gaias Early Access Full Release!


Wow, time really flies, huh? The games official release date is this Friday, 6-22-18, however, because our Early Access subscribers have been so patient, and so helpful, Horizon's End will be releasing the conclusion of The Great Gaias tonight. The road to ancient prophecy has been long and arduous. You have removed corrupt politicians from power, reinstated proper monarchs, and have rallied the known world against a common enemy. But, your greatest challenge lies at the Summit at Khargynoth; the climactic Battle of the Blighted Lands, and infiltrating the inner city of Validus. It is here that you will learn whether you measure up to the Warriors of Old. Do you have what it takes to defeat Eldromus Blackheart and his Dark Master? Find out this week! …More »

TooManyGames Convention Logo
Horizon's End is coming to TooManyGames 6/22/18

The Great Gaias to be released at TooManyGames!


Hello everyone. It has been an insane last few months and the feedback we have been getting has fueled our fires! We are proud to say that all of our content is officially complete and we are going to be meeting our official release date of 6/22/18 where we will be showcasing the game at TooManyGames in the greater Philadelphia area!This current release is a special one, as this will finally give access to the airship and the entire world will be open (except the climactic ending through the Battle of the Blighted Lands and the invasion of the Validian Empire!) We are showcasing the game with all of its' sidequests (Except the final hidden dungeon) and we guarantee you at least 40 to 50 hours of gameplay... but let me be perfectly honest with you. At this point the jig is up, there is likely over 100 hours of gameplay here for the hardcore completionist. At this point the game's hand holding will stop, as we have been playing these games for over twenty years, we are proud to present some seriously challenging content in this new release... and we would love to hear your battle stories! (Who will be the first to defeat Pale Night or reclaim the Dwarven City from the Drow overlords?!)Good luck to you, we look forward to presenting you with the conclusion on 6/22! And remember, where the horizon ends, the journey begins! …More »

Pots in Porthul
Pots in the Elven City of Porthul

Chapter IV to be Released Memorial Day


We hope everyone’s having an excellent weekend! For the development team at Horizon’s End, the work never stops! It has been an epic journey bringing our original Dungeons & Dragons homebrew to life. It’s kind of surreal to think that, after all these years, in less than a month our story will finally be completed and ready for release. Our supporters’ feedback has really kicked us into overdrive and we are planning to release Chapter IV (it. is. massive.) in its entirety on June 4th. In the meantime, we are polishing up the first half of this enormous tale to be released on 5/28. We hope you haven’t been sitting on the edge of your seat for too long! This is the first part of the story where there will be no set party leader and you may choose every member of your team. So get ready for even more customization! …More »

City of the Dead
Eldrethen, City of the Dead

Early Access Additional Playtime


Following some feedback from our supporters we are releasing an additional chapter of The Great Gaias for our Early Access subscribers. This is about 20 additional hours of main story to experience and explore with Pots and his companions during their adventures in the capital and even the dreaded City of the Dead! We plan to release more Chapters as the weeks go by until the official release date!Thank you for your continued support, and as always please find The Great Gaias with the newly added Chapter II here …More »

The Great Gaias Early Access on Steam

Early Access on Steam Available Now


Thank you to everyone who has waited patiently for Early Access to The Great Gaias. Without further ado, Horizon’s End is pleased to announce that early access will be available as of today, May 11th 2018! The Great Gaias will be released in its entirety June 22nd. Once again, thank you all for your patience and we look forward to hearing from everyone as they dive into this epic adventure!

Horizon's End Booth at PAX East Convention
Horizon's End Booth @ PAX East

Epic Weekend at PAX East, Boston


PAX East was absolutely amazing! Interest in The Great Gaias far exceeded our expectations! It was wonderful to see how many people share our love of the turn-based rpg genre, and support what we are doing with The Great Gaias in our quest to see this style of game reborn! Now that the core development team has returned from an epic weekend in Boston, we are looking forward to the end of June when The Great Gaias is set to be released! Early Access on Steam is currently undergoing review, and those who purchase early access will receive 50% off as a thank you for supporting our passion project!…More »

Music by Bryan Davis

The Original Score of The Great Gaias


21 days left until PAX East! As the days fly by, the whole team is hard at work getting The Great Gaias ready for Boston. Everyone is hard at work, from polishing off the demo to putting finishing touches on our upcoming feature-length trailer. The Great Gaias is more than just a video game: it is a tale of friendship, betrayal, and destiny. An epic adventure requires an epic soundtrack, and it would not be what it is today without our composer, Bryan Davis. Creating an emotional landscape with music is Bryan’s passion, and his work will accompany you throughout much of the game. Remember to keep an eye out for our upcoming trailer, and we look forward to seeing you all at PAX East! …More »

PAX East Logo
PAX East in Boston, MA

Horizon's End is coming to PAX East


Horizon’s End is proud to announce that after seven years of development, The Great Gaias is nearly ready to launch! It’s been some time since the last update, but now we have some exciting news to share: The Great Gaias will be featured at PAX East in Boston April 5th, 2018! Come by our booth and visit the team at Horizon's End! You'll get a chance to play our demo of The Great Gaias, and scoop up some hot Horizon's End swag. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our feature-length trailer coming soon!

Battle Sprites
New Battle Sprites

Crafting, an Alpha Version


After many months, our crafting system is finally finished and fully implemented into the game! Dispatching enemies will yield skins and various useful materials. Veins of ore lay buried deep within subterranean caverns found throughout the vast mountainous regions of Tenat. When these items are used in conjunction it is possible to craft superior armor and weapons. Recently, because the main story is nearing completion, we've taken a step back and dug into fixing many issues that have been around for a while; specifically formally persistent bugs, graphic modifications, and tweaks to the battle system to help balance it further. Now, with those out of the way, we are beginning a closed distribution of select alpha versions of the game with the intent to help us find and fix any remaining bugs. This is a tremendous step forward, as we continue the development process of The Great Gaias. …More »

Relic Collector's House
House of the Relic Collector

Build Your Own City Sidequest


We are proud to announce the completion of the Build Your Own City sidequest! As a player you will be able to find inhabitants for a newly established city. As mayor of the city, you decide what kind of citizens will live there, and what kind of city it will become. Merchants, crafters, witty denizens, all over the world you may discover potential citizens for your city who seek to find a new home. Outcomes differ depending on how you populate your new city. For example, if you allow in too many brigands, you may find your city has become a rundown slum, or that a casino has sprung up. However, if merchants and craftsman populate your city it may become a bustling center of trade, and you might find rare items trickling in from the far corners of the world. Or perhaps you prefer a little political intrigue in the vein of Game of Thrones? Recruit enough nobles and politicians and before long you may find yourself thrust into a nest of vipers as a Machiavellian battle for political dominance unfolds. There are many possibilities, each with its own rewards, but one thing is certain, you will have to try many combinations to receive all of the benefits that this sidequest has to offer! …More »

Tavern Girl
A Tavern Girl

New Update, New Talent Joins the Team


It's been a long time since our last public update, however we've been steadily chugging along here at Horizon's End and making spectacular gains in the development of our old school RPG game The Great Gaias. We've finally completely woven our biography system into the game. Our painstaking efforts to detail the background stories of every character of significance has paid off in the form of this feature which has come to be our pride and joy. Each character's biography is cataloged and updated after discovering new information about what roles they play throughout the story. Also, recently we hired two new artists who have brought their unique and wonderful styles to our project. Elisa Herrera, also known as Sukihi, has taken over as our portrait artist, and Madalin Vlad is currently developing our custom user interface. Please check our links to samples of their incredible work! …More »

Some of the Monsters found within Tenat
Tenat's Manifold Monsters

The Main Story Nears Completion!


Another incredibly productive month has past as we move forward toward the release of The Great Gaias! Bryan Davis has created a score of magnificent music which complements the theme of our story so well, it gives you goosebumps. Piotr, as always has been steadily creating more amazing custom artwork; buildings, weapons, monsters, his talent and style has transformed The Great Gaias so dramatically and beautifully that it cannot be overstated. Since we are nearing the completion of the main story, we've begun to put more focus on side content. From optional mini-games to in-depth side stories that flesh out each of our sixteen playable characters, we want our side quests to be just as rich and story driven as the main quest, and just as rewarding as well. …More »

Children of Light in Elf City
Solstice, the City of Elves

The Battles Epic, the Story Unfurls


We have some great news this month! We've got our new battle animations, created by the talented artist, Charlie Everton! These amazing spell and attack animations truly make the action packed battles of The Great Gaias come to life! As per usual, we've been plugging away at the main story, keeping a steady pace, and getting closer and closer to the finish line. Right now we are finishing up our work on the Great Desert of Tenat. A harsh landscape devoid of life, but for a mysterious and enormous tree ever present upon the edge of the horizon. How could anything survive in such a desolate environment? Tales of ancient heroes, who've ventured to explore the great tree, those who experienced visions of prophesy, are detailed in the annals of the Grand Arcanum. Will you follow in the footsteps of those great heroes of old, and unlock the mysteries of the past? …More »

Eron Mythos
Eron of the Mythos Lineage

The End of Core Development is in Sight


Wow, it's been three months already since my last update on The Great Gaias! Having so focused on development I lost track of time. The main storyline has been moving full speed ahead, only three more areas left until the game will be playable from beginning to end! After that we will just need to focus on side quests and fluff, speaking of which, we also buttoned up a major end game side plot and completely integrated all legendary relics (armor and weapons) for the sixteen playable characters. On the art side of things, Piotr has been pumping out monsters and character animations every week and Luluseason is nearing completion of all the remaining character portraits in the game. …More »