Some of the Monsters found within Tenat
Tenat's manifold monsters

The Main Story Nears Completion!


Another incredibly productive month has past as we move forward toward the release of The Great Gaias! Bryan Davis has created a score of magnificent music which complements the theme of our story so well, it gives you goosebumps. Piotr, as always has been steadily creating more amazing custom artwork; buildings, weapons, monsters, his talent and style has transformed The Great Gaias so dramatically and beautifully that it cannot be overstated. Since we are nearing the completion of the main story, we've begun to put more focus on side content. From optional mini-games to in-depth side stories that flesh out each of our sixteen playable characters, we want our side quests to be just as rich and story driven as the main quest, and just as rewarding as well.

Children of Light in Elf City
Solstice, the City of Elves

The Battles Epic, the Story Unfurls


We have some great news this month! We've got our new battle animations, created by the talented artist, Charlie Everton! These amazing spell and attack animations truly make the action packed battles of The Great Gaias come to life! As per usual, we've been plugging away at the main story, keeping a steady pace, and getting closer and closer to the finish line. Right now we are finishing up our work on the Great Desert of Tenat. A harsh landscape devoid of life, but for a mysterious and enormous tree ever present upon the edge of the horizon. How could anything survive in such a desolate environment? Tales of ancient heroes, who've ventured to explore the great tree, those who experienced visions of prophesy, are detailed in the annals of the Grand Arcanum. Will you follow in the footsteps of those great heroes of old, and unlock the mysteries of the past?

Eron Mythos
Eron of the Mythos Lineage

The End of Core Development is in Sight


Wow, it's been three months already since my last update on The Great Gaias! Having so focused on development I lost track of time. The main storyline has been moving full speed ahead, only three more areas left until the game will be playable from beginning to end! After that we will just need to focus on side quests and fluff, speaking of which, we also buttoned up a major end game side plot and completely integrated all legendary relics (armor and weapons) for the sixteen playable characters. On the art side of things, Piotr has been pumping out monsters and character animations every week and Luluseason is nearing completion of all the remaining character portraits in the game.

New Sporgel Waterfront
Port City of New Sporgel

Returning to Core Development


This past month has been very exciting, so much has been done, and finally a real release date is beginning to come into view! Finally, after more than six months, we have completed our conversion to the new engine. With that out of the way we were able to focus our attention back on core development and adding new content. This new content includes such things as an elaborate crafting system with mined ore, harvest plants, and monster parts for crafting weapons, armor, and accessories. New original artwork has been added including buildings, monsters, and sprites. Dialogue rewrites have been moving forward, tightening up the story and breathing life into our many playable characters. Back in October I mentioned the Minotaur city of Xellos. We've finally gone back and put the finishing touches on that part of the main story and moved on to the Kizul Jungle, home to a lost civilization, located on the Old Continent. We really can't express how happy we are to be back to working on the main story and steadily moving toward the release of The Great Gaias.

Sailing Aboard the Inexilium

Mobile Platform Engine Conversion


The completion of the conversion to the mobile platform engine is now less than a month away. It's taken some time but it will be well worth the wait, and so far we are really happy with the results. The updated demo of The Great Gaias will be ready once this conversion is finished, and it will be available for download on our website for PC, Mac/iOS and Android. Also, while the conversion process has been going on, we have been updating and polishing the in-game dialogue, as well as related text editing.

The Village of Ulwi

Happy Holidays, from Horizon's End!!


2015 is coming to a close and it has been a big year for Horizon's End. Development on The Great Gaias has come a long way this year. The artwork, storyline, side quests, and more have all undergone major changes, and have seen massive progression. Most recently and importantly, we have converted The Great Gaias to its new engine, a process that is still in the works, but nearing completion. We are very excited to announce we have a new artist working with us, his name is Piotr Radecki and his pixel art is truly amazing. The buildings shown in this picture are part of his work. If you would like to see more of his art be sure to check it out.

Berenus the Fire Summon

New Graphics, New Engine, New Update


Our game engine has received a major update and we've been in the process of converting all the data and graphics to the updated system. With this new update we will be able to bring The Great Gaias to mobile devices with ease! Mobile play has been one of the most requested features and we are very happy to finally give a definitive answer. Along with the engine update we have also broken down our combat system and rebuilt it to be bigger and better than ever. I'll give more information on the new combat system at a later date but we are really proud of it, so stay tuned.

Concept Art
Concept Art

Osiris, Xellos, Frosthammer, of Tenat


This past month we've been plowing through development of Osiris at an incredible pace. Expanding on the Minotaur culture, we have created their holy city of Xellos which lies at the base of the Mountain, Gar Ja'lal. With the completion of Osiris a week or two away, plans for Frosthammer, the Dwarven capital are underway. Initial work on the Frosthammer storyboard is planned for this coming week and I'll try to make another update on the lore behind the city, like I've done for other locations in the past. Last but not least, two more playable characters out of our eighteen have been fully implemented into the battle system!

Minotaur Tournament
The Osirian Arena

The Great Gaias, Progress Continues


This month we have finally completed the southern territory of Amanor. It took us longer than anticipated but we wanted to make sure side content and quests are of the same quality as the main story. With Amanor out of the way we have moved on to the construction of Osiris and the gladiator tournaments. Since the story board was completed last month we were able to dive right into area creation, and NPC scripting. Also, we're excited to announce an updated version of our Demo has been released! Be sure to check it out. Contact us for more details.

Beyond the Gorgath Mountains

Osirus, The Minotaur Capital


Within the cold, desolate, and inhospitable reaches of the far north lies the Minotaur capital Osiris. A proud and ancient race, the Minotaur remain untouched by the gods, and reverent to the earth. They are a natural species of Tenant, evolving over the course of history into an intelligent and honor-bound people. Although the Minotaur have been drawn south before, their tribes have called the Gorgath Mountains home since the time of the Erda, and prefer its isolation to the politics and disputes of the southern races. A Minotaur's admiration for strength and loyalty is renowned, as is their belief in the Ways of the North, which decree that might makes right, and only the strongest of warriors earns the right to be Chieftain.

Children of Light posing
Children of Light

The Great Gaias Game Continues to Develop


This month we've made significant progress on the main storyline and have put together a story board for preliminary work on the city of Osiris, the Minotaur capital. Like with Amanor we'll post a lore update about this city. Also, on the subject of Amanor, the storyline associated with that territory is almost finished, and should be complete by the next update. Caelia Ulden, the playable Alchemist character, has been reworked and balanced to make her combat duties much more interesting and unique. A number of bug fixes and other quality control changes were implemented based on feedback from testers. If anyone has played the demo and has suggestions on improvements we are open to feedback so let us know, and a big thanks to all of you that have been providing us with your important feedback and suggestions, you are helping us make this game the best it can be, and that is much appreciated.

Of course we have airships!

The Epic Saga of The Great Gaias Development Process Continues


This past month we've progressed by leaps and bounds! The ship and airship, are now both fully functional! You can enter either one at any time while driving, and speak with any of your eighteen party members, as well as fast travel if you converse with the helmsman. What's more, we finished creating even more playable characters, and the side-quests to obtain those playable characters. This aspect of development is almost complete, as we only have one more playable character and its respective side-quest to implement. Last but not least, our website is back up and running. It's currently fully functional but the design is still under construction and we will be adding much more content to it in the coming months. The Great Gaias Demo is available NOW, and can be found on the website so be sure to download it, and check it out! We would love to hear your feedback, so please let us know what you think!

Map of Amanor
Historic City of Amanor

Amanor, of Tenat


Birth place of Atrius and Elaenia Althorand, this southern territory has closed its borders to the outside kingdoms. After Ramse Bavador seized the Stone Throne of Amanor during the Amanian Rebellion, he has twisted the minds of its people, and now rules absolutely as their so-called 'savior'. Living in voluntary isolation after the coup that deposed the Faelyn royal family, the citizens of Amanor have succumb to the will of a crazed tyrant bent on not only ruling the country, but the entire human civilization.

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